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Alkohol. Tylko dla pełnoletnich
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Don’t wait, present yourself! Exchange your scholarship for a salary at Kompania Piwowarska!

“Many departments – one development” is Kompania Piwowarska’s programme allowing young people to evaluate their skills and competences, and to get familiar with jobs and operations within the brewing industry. The winners of the recruitment programme will spent 18 months actively participating in the projects of 3 chosen departments – 6 months per department. The programme is intended for people from both outside and inside the company.

By gaining experience in different departments, the participants will expand their horizons and business awareness as well as receive an opportunity to develop their potential, while the organization will become more flexible due to knowledge exchange and providing the right training for future leaders. Within the frame of the program, KP offers an 18-month-long employment contract, during which every participants gets a chance to gain unique know-how in maximum 3 different departments (6 months per department) individually adjusted to their development plans. Additionally, every candidate receives all benefits provided by the company, including medical care, my benefit system, KP product allowance and access to the employee pub.

People taking part in the program can count on a guaranteed trip to one of KP’s international headquarters, while the best ones will be able to continue working in the company’s organizational structure after the programme is finished.

People constitute potential and power. We eagerly promote people regardless of gender, age, education or experience, offering opportunities for development at our company, because employees are the greatest asset in every organizationsays Agnieszka Żmuda-Kleśta, Talent Management Director at Kompania Piwowarska.For many students and graduates, our programmes are the beginning of their career in KP structure. Development programmes bring mutual benefits – the employees get a chance to develop their potential, while the company receives increased flexibility, knowledge exchange and possibility of shaping future leaders – she adds.

Kompania Piwowarska always appreciates its employees, regardless of their age, gender etc. and eagerly acquires new ones with the use of various methods, including special projects that provide more and more effective development paths. With them in mind, KP creates programmes like this one – allowing candidates to begin working for the leader of the brewing industry and its top brands, including Tyskie, Żubr and Lech.

KP’s talent programme run under the “Many departments – one development” slogan is intended for students and recent graduates. This initiative is aimed at people who are willing to develop, motivated to act and expand their knowledge and competences, ready to relocate (Warszawa, Poznań, Tychy) during the programme.

Moreover, every employee of KP can recommend a person from outside the company – though the “Together at KP” Recommendation Programme.

How to join the programme?

Send your application and CV by August 12, 2019, via form available at

The recruitment process will encompass two stages. The first one will involve collection of applications. Qualified candidates will be invited for the second stage, at the beginning of September 2019, where they will take part in a strategic game. Every person qualified to this stage will receive feedback with results, while the best 6 people will be invited to join KP’s talent programme. The job starts at the end of October/beginning of November 2019.

It is not the only programme offered by Kompania Piwowarska. In order to develop the business and create opportunities for others, the company has been executing various programmes for years, including Paid Internships, Unpaid Summer Internships, EU Internships and Open Days for Women. They allow everyone to immerse in the world of beer, see what working at KP’s breweries is like, gain valuable experience and learn what career paths the company offers. Current offers can be found at: