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Alkohol. Tylko dla pełnoletnich

DON’T DRINK WHILE PREGNANT! Launch of the FASOFF social campaign

We need to keep mentioning it and talking about it out loud: DON'T DRINK WHILE PREGNANT. Even the smallest amount of alcohol can cause FAS – one of the most severe neurodevelopmental disorders. For that reason, the “Dom w Łodzi” Foundation, with the support of Kompania Piwowarska, has launched the second edition of the FASOFF social campaign.

“Unfortunately, the awareness of the danger and dramatic consequences of alcohol consumption during pregnancy is still very low – people continue believe that one glass will not hurt the baby. But that is not true. The influence of alcohol on baby’s nervous system and internal organs can be dramatic. We know that very well, because some of the children we take care of suffer from FAS” – says Jolanta Bobińska, the founder and president of the “Dom w Łodzi” Foundation.   

What is FAS? 

FAS, which stands for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, is one of the most severe neurodevelopmental disorders resulting from the impact of alcohol on a fetus during the prenatal period, which damages the nervous system and internal organs. Children with FAS tend to be bron prematurely, with low body weight, heart and sight defects, and visible facial dysmorphism. As a result of the damages to the nervous system, they struggle at every stage of their lives – from natural reflex disorders to cognitive delay, therefore many of them will never be independent.

The “Dom w Łodzi” Foundation is a non-public orphanage for sick children. Some of them were born with life threatening heart defects, with no sucking or moro reflex, due to FAS. As a result of the impact of alcohol in fetal life, they were forced to undergo serious surgeries, spend many months in hospitals, and be tube fed. These children – despite daily physical therapy and intense treatment – might never be able to live on their own.

“FAS is not a disease, because it cannot be cured. It is a tragic life sentence. That is why we have to keep reminding everyone: do not drink while pregnant. We are counting on social engagement. We are glad that the campaign attracted influencers and famous people. Together we can change the fate of children” – says Jolanta Bobińska.     

What is the objective of the campaign?

The FASOFF campaign launches on September 9 – on the International FAS Awareness Day. The organizers want to engage the online community – traditionally, it is all about changing profile pictures to images of a glass turned upside down with the following comment: don't drink while pregnant / pregnancy without alcohol.
There will also be a spot – actually, a few versions of it – featuring influencers and well-known bloggers. The list of people who have joined the campaign includes: 

  • Ola Iwacz – child psychologist

  • Ola Radomska – last year’s campaign ambassador

  • Magdalena Kostyszyn – blogger

  • Wiola Wołoszyn – neurological speech therapist

  • Maciek Mazurek – illustrator

  • Karolina Bielawska – Miss Polonia 2019

More information about FAS can be found on the campaign website at

The partner of the FASOFF project is Kompania Piwowarska – a socially responsible company, which has spent years reminding everyone to never drink alcohol during pregnancy, never drink and drive and never serve or sell alcohol to minors.

“Our attitude towards alcohol consumption is clear – never while pregnant. Our job is to make sure that beer is only consumed in safe conditions, without any harm to ourselves and others. We have been executing educational activities within that scope for many years. We do our best to join forces with other entities, in order to increase their efficiency and reach. That is why we started cooperation with “Dom w Łodzi” – a facility that is fully aware of how harmful consumption of alcohol during pregnancy can be and how much we still need to talk about it to warn against it” – says Grzegorz Adamski, Public Affairs and Sustainable Development Manager at Kompania Piwowarska.