Alkohol. Tylko dla pełnoletnich
Kompania Piwowarska

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Alkohol. Tylko dla pełnoletnich

Citrus Hops – novelties full of refreshment from Lech Premium and Lech Free 0.0%

Refreshment and fresh citrus flavour notes are the characteristics of the two new positions in Kompania Piwowarska’s portfolio: Lech Citrus Hops and Lech Free Citrus Hops 0.0%. Both variants were inspired by the Citra and Cascade hops. The novelties have been available in stores from March.

Lagers constitute a popular beer category. However, it does not mean that the producers can rest on their laurels, because customers keep looking for new versions of this golden beverage. To meet the expectations of Lech’s fans, the brand’s portfolio was expanded with another variant – Citrus Hops with and without alcohol. What is the difference between the new lager and the well-known classic version? The brewers from Poznań have developed a recipe thanks to which we can enjoy a pleasant and refreshing aroma of hops that combines citrus and resin notes. It is worth emphasizing that the Citra and Cascade hops do not influence the level of bitterness in the new beer. They are added at the very end of the brewing process, therefore Lech Citrus Hops has a light and well-balanced flavour.

What are the citrus hops that inspired brewers to create the new variants of the Lech Citrus Hops beer? Also called American, these hops are the basis of the latest craft revolution in the world of beer. Most of them were grown in the United States over the last 30 years. What is very characteristic of them are the palpable notes of the peel of citrus fruit, including lime and grapefruit, combined with resin notes.

Lech Citrus Hops is a light-tasting beer that will perfectly complement spring and summer evenings. Lech Free Citrus Hops 0.0% is the ideal choice for those who look for refreshment all day long. Both variants are highly recognized by beer lovers who enjoy exploring novelties and appreciate a fresh taste with a little bit of bitter aftertaste. The products are available in 500 ml bottles and cans.

The new variants from the Lech family will be supported by a wide-range TV and digital campaign as well as visible branding in points of sale. The ATL communication strategy is executed by the Bardzo agency, packaging designs were delivered by PRISM Studio, while media buying and planning is taken care of by the Zenith media house. All digital activities are coordinated by the Cut the Mustard agency. Cooperation with influencers and PR communication is the responsibility of Tailor Made PR.