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Alkohol. Tylko dla pełnoletnich
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“Check Your BAL” at a blues event in Suwalki

Suwalki turned into a Mecca for the fans of blues for the 11th time. Starting from yesterday, another edition of Suwałki Blues Festival is accompanied not only by a proper dose of excellent music, but also Kompania Piwowarska’s “Check Your BAL” mobile zone, which has been visiting the most important summer festivals in the country for four years. Suwalki constitutes the fourth stop of this year’s tour, as part of which the zone will be available for thousands of participants of 13 mass outdoor events.

For 11 years, the beginning of July has been the time when the fans of blues gather in Suwalki in order to dive in the world of their favourite music in both traditional and modern form. As the biggest blues celebration on the east side of the Vistula River, Suwałki Blues Festival attracts several thousands of megalomaniacs hungry for the sounds of Muddy Waters or BB King.

The concerts in Suwalki are the highlight in the festival calendar not only for the fans of blues. For the second time in the history, the best guitar sounds will be accompanied by Kompania Piwowarska’s “Check Your BAL” zone that will come to Suwalki to remind festivalgoers about the importance of responsible alcohol consumption. People visiting the zone will be able to test their sobriety with the use of a professional breathalyser and try their hand at completing a special course while wearing our alco-goggles that distort perception in a similar way as excessive amounts of alcohol.

- Those who wear our alco-goggles discover, to their own surprise, that they are not able to complete a simple task, such as using a door key or overcoming obstacles on their way. The alco-goggle test is a fun activity but at the same time reminds us about the importance of moderation when it comes to alcohol – says Grzegorz Adamski, Public Affairs Manager at Kompania Piwowarska.

The “Check Your BAL” mobile zone kicked off its first tour three years ago. Within that time, it has managed to visit 29 mass events, during which 15 thousand people took a professional breathalyser test to check if they were able to drive, and another 30 thousand tested our alco-goggles. – Our festival counter shows more and more visitors every year, what makes us extremely happy. This season, visiting the biggest summer outdoor events, we will once again try to convince the participants that besides friends and splendid atmosphere, what every summer festival needs to become even better is common sense – Grzegorz Adamski adds.

“Check Your BAL” launched season 2018 at Kortowiada in Olsztyn. Then it moved to the region of Malopolska (Life Festival, Oświęcim) and Silesia (Dni Tyskie, Tychy). Suwałki Blues Festival will be followed by other music festivals – 90’ Festival Katowice, Audioriver, Pol’and’Rock Festival, Czad Festiwal Straszęcin, Tyskie Fest – and the AirShow in Radom. This year’s edition will come to an end in September in Warsaw at the National Rock Stadium.

The “Check Your BAL” mobile zone is Kompania Piwowarska’s programme initiated in 2015 in order to promote responsible alcohol consumption, which is one of the pillars of the company’s sustainable development strategy.