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Alkohol. Tylko dla pełnoletnich
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Celebration of the King of the Forrest – Żubr’s birthday is done and dusted!

Last Sunday, we saw with our own eyes that Żubr really is the king of the forests located within the Podlasie region. The city of Bialystok hosted the King’s all day long birthday celebrations that gathered the fans of Żubr from the region and beyond.

Żubr’s Birthday attracted an impressive crowd of the residents of Bialystok. In order to discover the incredible world of Żubr, the guests had to go through a wooden gate typical for the Bialowieza Forrest. They were welcomed by an impressive wooden sign with the silhouette of Żubr, inviting them for a feast. A family-like atmosphere was provided by the host, Dariusz Szada –Borzyszkowski, locals’ favourite journalist and director.

Additional thrills were delivered during a celebratory tapping of a barrel full of freshly brewed Żubr, permofrmed by the mayor and the director of the Dojlidy Brewery. Everyone wanted to have a taste of the beer and every guest could also have a piece of the 170-kilogram birthday cake. The bisons living in the Bialowieza Forrest also received a fruit and vegetable cake, what was captured on camera and played during the event  (

Another attraction that gained a lot of attention was the culinary workshop led by Jerzy Nogal. He was showing how to prepare traditional regional dishes, including famous potato pancakes called “biliny”, and treating the participants with a very unique millet-based beverage – “buza”.

The concert part of the day was kicked off by Bum Bum Orkestar, a band whose energetic songs – despite the fickle weather – encouraged many brave individuals to get on the dance floor. Next in line to entertain the guests were Tulia and Łąki Łan bands, whose music kept them going until late at night.

Żubr takes good care of its herd, therefore it made sure that those who could not make it to the birthday party did not miss too much. The event was broadcast live on the brand’s Facebook page. Within the frame of a specially prepared contest, the fans of the brand sent their wished for Żubr, and the most interesting ones were displayed during the party.

The King of the Forrest would like to once again thank all guests fro their wishes and a great time, hoping that we will all meet again next year.