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Alkohol. Tylko dla pełnoletnich
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Carry on with Leszek at summer festivals! Launch of Lech Premium’s new consumer campaign

Leszek once again encourages its fans to embrace holiday, festival vibes. This year, the brand prepared a contest allowing the participants to win unique T-shirts designed by young Polish designers, inspired by music and festivals. The campaign will last whole summer holidays and every week brings a chance to get a T-shirt with a different, one-of-a-kind design.

Over these summer holidays, the brand will encourage consumers to join the action run under the slogan “Carry on with Leszek at summer festivals”. Within the scope of this summer promotional campaign, LECH has prepared a number of consumer activations revolving around the contest organized at The only thing you have to do to take part in it is to buy LECH covered by the promotion, enter the code found under the cap or the pull-tap into the form available on the brand’s website, and try your hand at a music quiz. Each week, people providing the best answers to questions about music and festivals will win T-shirts prepared by young designers, including Olka Osadzińska, Dawid Ryski, Zuza Sadlik, Liskula and Miss Pank. There will be 1,500 original T-shirts up for grabs every week. Additionally, one of the T-shirts was designed by Jerzy Owsiak, and the design refers to the PolAndRock festival, which is sponsored by Lech. In total, over the next 10 weeks, the contest will offer 15,000 T-shirts produced in Poland. More details at

Moreover, as part of the promotional campaign the brand has prepared a limited edition of the Lech can referring to the play of lights at a festival stage. The festival can will be available for sale until the end of summer holidays.