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Alkohol. Tylko dla pełnoletnich

    “Capital Online House Party” Captain Jack number 1 in the April AdForum ranking

    It has only been a few weeks since the premiere of the latest Captain Jack spot, and it already received an industry distinction – the Best Alcohol Ad of the Month title. “Capital online house party” dominated the global TOP5 in the “Alcohol” category that was published in April by the AdForum website.

    Online parties at your own house with friends connected via the internet – that is the spontaneous and safe way to have fun that is being promoted by Captain Jack’s “Capital Online House Party Online” campaign. The spot has been broadcast on TV and the internet only since April 11, but it was already appreciated by the industry.

    The campaign promoting the rum flavoured beer reached the top of the Best Alcohol Ads of the Month ranking by AdForum. The selection includes the most creative ads of alcoholic products from around the world, standing out with their quality, originality and emotional impact, which premiered over the last month. Captain Jack defeated not only well-known beer brands, but also a representative of strong spirits. “Capital Online House Party” is the only production from Poland in the April TOP5, which also included spots from the US, Denmark, the Czech Republic and Belgium produced by prestigious agencies.

    The website also publishes similar global rankings for other industries, such as food, beverages, technology, automotive or finance. The force behind the whole undertaking is AdForum, which was established in 1999 to provide reliable knowledge about the advertising industry and enable exchanging experiences. The portal constitutes virtual space where advertising agencies and production studios can present their work. Currently, its base encompasses over 200 thousand campaigns created by 25 thousand agencies.

    - First place in such a prestigious ranking and the Best Alcohol Ad of the Month title is a great distinction for us and a reason to be proud – especially since the spot was created in unusual circumstances. We have proven that with a good idea and an efficient team, it is possible to get an excellent result despite challenging technical conditions – says Izabela Ciupińska from the Captain Jack team at Kompania Piwowarska.

    The latest commercial of the rum flavoured beer was developed while maintaining social distancing, in an impressively short period of time: starting from the concept, through an online casting and execution (individually by actors at their own homes), to editing. It was executed by Kuba Michalczuk and produced by Papaya Films, while postproduction was taken care of by Platige Image.

    - The success of Captain Jack’s spot gives us another reason to be happy, since it is a relatively new brand that keeps developing – also in the advertising area. Being appreciated by the industry will surely give us wings and encourage us to execute other interesting, bold productions that face current challenges – sums up Izabela Ciupińska.   

    The full ranking can be found at: