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Alkohol. Tylko dla pełnoletnich
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Boniek keeps Tyskie crossed for a win!

Zbigniew Boniek is a true football legend and the ambassador of the “We Keep Tyskie Crossed for a Win” campaign. The ambitious goal of the campaign is to inspire Polish football fans to unite and give them power drawn from being together in a cheering atmosphere. The advertising spot featuring “Zibi” made its on-air debut on April 26 and kicks off Tyskie’s nation-wide campaign.

Zbigniew Boniek is one of the most distinguished football players in the history of Poland’s national team and at the same time a symbol of cooperation and unleashing the positive energy possessed by Poles. After joining forces with Tyskie in encouraging people to support athletes in 2012, now he once again unites with football fans to share sport-related emotions.

“The rivalry and the atmosphere related to football have the power to unite people, therefore together with Tyskie I encourage everyone to keep fingers and mugs of Tyskie crossed for a win. As fans, we will show that unity makes strength and together we constitute the 12th player on the pitch” – says Zbigniew Boniek.

Especially for football fans across Poland, the campaign launch will be accompanied by an in-store “Champion Promotion” that begins in May and will offer millions of Tyskie beers to “keep them crossed for a win”. Everyone who finds the words “You won Tyskie” under a promo bottle cap or can pull-tab will be able to exchange them for a beer. More info about the promotion at

Check out the spot promoting the “We Keep Tyskie Crossed for a Win” campaign: