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Asahi supports the 13. UN Sustainable Development Goal by joining the Lead 2030 initiative!

Lead 2030 is an initiative of the One Young World foundation, the goal of which is to support the fulfilment of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) by engaging businesses from across the world. The participating companies usually take ownership of a specific SDG and create a challenge in the area that aligns with their strategy. Asahi has set a challenge in the area of the 13. Sustainable Development Goal - Climate Action - focusing on one group of its key stakeholders – the farmers. Why?

The challenge is related to Climate Action and looks for a solution that will contribute to the future of sustainable agriculture by supporting and enabling farmers to reduce their emissions and/or help adaptation and resilience against the climate challenges of this decade and beyond. Climate change is now affecting every country on every continent, and farmers are one of the most vulnerable groups. They are a cornerstone of every food supply chain including hops and barley in all beers. There is an urgent need to ramp up efforts to help them cope with existing changes and to adapt to future climatic conditions.

"At Asahi, beyond eliminating our own climate impact, we are working with farmers to help them find solutions for climate change-related challenges. This includes Campus Peroni in Italy, a centre of excellence promoting and spreading innovation and sustainability in agriculture, the Water for Hops initiative by Plzensky Prazdroj in the Czech Republic and many other local partnerships with farmers, co-operatives and academia in countries where we operate. Joining Lead 2030 gives us another opportunity to support our key partners" - comments Drahomira Mandikova, Corporate Affairs Director of Asahi Breweries Europe Group, who will mentor the winning project. 

The challenge is open to young innovators up to age of 30, who can apply until 13th March 2020 on LEAD 2030 website. Winners will be selected by 15th May 2020. The winning solution will receive a grant of 50,000 USD and mentoring support to accelerate the execution of the project.

Apply here.


*LEAD 2030 is the world’s biggest prize fund for young leaders making an impact for the Sustainable Development Goals. It is powered by the world’s leading businesses, which join forces to set SDG challenges as well as source, fund and accelerate the solutions that help fulfill the SDGs.