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Alkohol. Tylko dla pełnoletnich

    Asahi completes the purchase of SABMiller’s former Central and Eastern European businesses

    Today sees the completion of Asahi’s purchase of the former SABMiller Central and Eastern European businesses and brands, including those in the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Poland, Hungary and Romania and other related assets (the CE Business).

    The European Commission’s approval of the combination between SABMiller and AB InBev was conditioned on a commitment from AB InBev to sell the CE Business, and it was announced earlier this month that the European Commission had granted approval of that sale to Asahi. The business will now be known as Asahi Breweries Europe Ltd and will report directly to Asahi Group Holdings Ltd in Tokyo. The regional headquarters will be based in Prague in the Czech Republic.

    Ryoichi Kitagawa, on behalf of Asahi Group Holdings Ltd, said: “The last 24 months have been a transformational time for our company. In October 2016, Asahi completed the acquisition of the former businesses of SABMiller in Italy, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, principally including the Peroni, Grolsch and Meantime brands, and now we have added SABMiller’s Central European businesses to that portfolio. Through this transaction, Asahi is proud to say that it has teamed up with a world-class brewer with leading brands such as Tyskie, Lech, Timisoreana, Dreher, Ursus and Saris, and of course the world’s first golden lager, Pilsner Urquell”.

    Paolo Lanzarotti, CEO Asahi Breweries Europe Ltd said: “It has been a long road to get us here, but we are excited and delighted to be taking the business forward with Asahi. We both have brilliant brands in our portfolios and brilliant people with a passion for our beers. We also share with Asahi a belief in the history, heritage and quality of our brands while putting a high premium on delivering for our customers, consumers and shareholders.”

    Kompania Piwowarska is also very pleased to become a part of a company with over 100 years tradition of brewing beer. “It’s really exciting for our business and beer brands. I am sure that sharing knowledge and expertise in management excellence as well as in brewing and marketing beer brands will bring mutual benefits for Asahi and Kompania Piwowarska. I am confident that it will support  our company in delivering our strategy and strengthening our leading position on the market.” - commented Andrew Highcock, CEO of Kompania Piwowarska.

    Asahi completes the purchase of SABMiller’s former Central and Eastern European businesses