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Alkohol. Tylko dla pełnoletnich
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Akademia Barmańska Pilsner Urquell and Książęce Piwna Akademia 
will hunt for new bartending talents!

Lublin and Tricity – these are the two places where in November the experts from Piwna Akademia Książęcego (Ksiązęce’s Beer Academy) and the ambassadors of Akademia Barmańska Pilsner Urquell (Pilsner Urquell’s Bartending Academy) will be searching for skilled bartenders. Those who will take part in the professional workshops dedicated to the art of serving the golden beverage and impress the hosts, will advance to the grand final to fight for the title, cash prizes and prestigious workshops in the Czech Republic.

Besides the taste that makes millions of beer lovers across the world enjoy it so much, beer is also all about the rituals, such as the right serving temperature, special glass dedicated to each style, specific way of pouring and serving, ability to pair it with particular occasions and meals. The beer knowledge and savoir-vivre are especially useful for those who serve even hundreds of mugs of beer every single day – bartenders and waiters. Two beer brands from Kompania Piwowarska – Książęce and Pilsner Urquell – have spent years making sure that pouring and serving beer is a form of art. That is why, this year marks yet another series of workshops organized across Poland for the employees of pubs, bars and restaurants, who, under the watchful eye of experts, can polish their bartending skills and fight for a prestigious title and valuable prizes.          

Książęce Piwna Akademia is a series of trainings for bartenders and waiters wanting to explore beer pairing, which is the art of matching beer with food. This year’s second edition of the beer and culinary workshops gives bartenders and waiters from 12 biggest Polish cities a chance to meet and learn from the Academy experts. They can expect a proper sip of beer knowledge served by an experienced sensory expert and acclaimed chef, along with the excitement of fighting for a spot in the grand final. The top three participants in the final will receive cash prizes.

The next workshops will take place:

  • November 13 in Lublin, Silence Club, ul. Radziszewskiego 8
  • November 26 in Gdańsk, Al Ponte, ul. Grodzka 10

The workshops featuring beer specialities from the Książęce brand will be hosted by Maciej Chołdrych
from Piwoznawcy and Jakub Wolski, Hell’s Kitchen winner.

Akademia Barmańska Pilsner Urquell has been taking a peep behind the scenes of pubs and restaurants across Poland, looking for hidden bartending talents. Those who would like to show off with their skills can take part in professional workshops hosted in selected Polish cities by Pilsner Urquell Ambassadors and Bartending Masters from the previous editions of the Academy. They are a great occasion to learn some tasting tricks, serving techniques including the three Czech ways, and share experiences with colleagues. At the same time, the participants fight for one of only 15 spots in the final taking place in Warsaw. The finalists will have a chance to win the title and the main prize in the form of a 5-day training in the Brewery in Pilsen, the home of the world’s first golden lager, crowned with a prestigious certificate.   

The next workshops will take place:

  • November 14 in Lublin, Ceska Pivnica, ul. Grodzka 28
  • November 27 in Gdynia, Donegal Pub, ul. Zgoda 10

The workshops will be hosted by Sławomir Fridel and Marcin Ostrowski, Pilsner Urquell ambassadors.