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Alkohol. Tylko dla pełnoletnich
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A big heart for others? It is „small beer” for them. The employees of Kompania Piwowarska help those most in need during the pandemic

Nearly 260 thousand cans of non-alcoholic B-life and almost 78 thousand zloty for the Relief Fund of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity that will go to those most in need in the times of pandemic – all that at the initiative of the employees of Kompania Piwowarska. That support reflects gratitude and solidarity with those who keep battling the pandemic on the front line.

In times of the coronavirus, many companies and brands modify their activity, focusing on what’s most important at the moment – supporting medical services in the fight against the pandemic. The employees of Kompania Piwowarska once again convince that everyone can help. This time, they proved that by showing initiative that ultimately translated into actual help – material and financial.

The employees of health services as well as other rescue services and non-profit organisations, including Food Banks in the cities where Kompania Piwowarska’s breweries are located, will receive nearly 260 thousand cans of the non-alcoholic B-life beverage.

- The story began at the end of March. My city organized a collection of essential products for hospitals and I heard the “Moja i Twoja Nadzieja” song by the Hey band on the radio. And then it clicked! I realized that I definitely can do more than just buying a few bottles of water. I suggested donating a part of Kompania Piwowarska’s non-alcoholic beverage supply for that cause – sums up the author of the idea, Mariusz Grajek, Commercial Activity Planning Manager.

Thanks to the engagement of the employees of Kompania Piwowarska, out of a dozen or so pallets of the same non-alcoholic beverage that will go to the Food Bank, three will be delivered to the fire fighters battling the fire at the Białowieża National Park. The first transports already reached the organisations supported by KP in Poznań and Białystok, and soon will also arrive in Tychy.

Additionally, those in need will receive financial support from the employees. Inspired by the example of the Lech brand, which donated 500 thousand zloty to the Relief Fund, they initiated an individual fundraiser that resulted in collecting 39 thousand zloty deducted from the next salaries. The sum will support the Relief Fund of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. Besides individual donations, two teams decided to give up their prizes in internal discretionary programmes and donate them for the same cause. And since the amount declared by the employees will be doubled by the employers, in total the Relief Fund will receive nearly 78 thousand zloty!

Moreover, the employees of Kompania Piwowarska did not forget about supporting their business partners – at their initiative, the Anti-Crisis Shield guide for entrepreneurs was developed in order to ensure better understanding of the regulations. The guide has been available on the gastro portal ( for a few weeks now.

Following the “all hands on deck” principle, the female employees of the laboratory at Lech Browary Wielkopolski organized sewing of reusable masks for the employees of the brewery and other people in need. In doing so, they focus on recycling and use old shirts, dresses and sheets.

The employees of Kompania Piwowarska are famous for having big hearts for others. Their initiatives were noticed in this year’s biggest CSR activity review in Poland, the “2019 Responsible Business in Poland. Good Practices” report. The jury awarded their activities for the Palium Hospice and the Bet on Exercise programme – promoting active and healthy lifestyle and supporting social organizations. The judges also appreciated their social engagement and the development of local communities – which encompasses cooperation with social economy entities, at which Kompania Piwowarska orders bags made from its banners, among other things.

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, the whole Kompania Piwowarska team has continued its efforts to support those in need. Continuing the long-term cooperation with the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, Lech – the main sponsor of the Pol’and’Rock festival – supports the Orchestra’s Relief Fund. Lech Pils – a regional brand of Kompania Piwowarska and main sponsor of the Lech Poznań football club – donated resources to the initiative of the club fans, thanks to which hospitals and medical facilities in the Wielkopolska region received necessary materials.

Other brands owned by the leader of the beer market in Poland encourage everyone to stay at home (#stayhome) and thus take care of our own health and the health of our loved ones. Tyskie shows how we can get on a first name basis without direct contact and supports hospitals in Silesia, where it comes from. Captain Jack organizes online house parties with friends connected over the internet.