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Alkohol. Tylko dla pełnoletnich
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25 Edition of Pol’and’Rock Festival Over! What happened in Leszek’s Town?

Good music, fun, and positive people – that was the 25th edition of Pol’and’Rock Festival, a place that could not do without Leszek! Leszek’s Festival Town was full of attractions, competitions, concerts, and influencers from his team! Summer with Leszek is always full of music, so having fun with others at Pol’and’Rock forms only some of the activities held within the Lech Music platform framework!

Already for the 6th time Lech Premium was present at the Most Beautiful Festival in the World – Pol’and’Rock. During this year’s edition, festivalgoers could enjoy a large dose of well-known and popular attractions served at Leszek’s Town, who also made sure there were a few surprises on offer! What people enjoyed most were zones where one could dye one’s hair green, take a photo against a step-and-repeat wall, try one’s luck at karaoke, or test one’s skills at the Talent Smithy. You could also meet Lech’s team, including Jankes, Marta Gałuszewska, Igor Herbut, Michał Mikołajczak, and Ania Markowska. A new element Leszek’s good friends really enjoyed was a creative photo contest, in which one could win inflatable sofas – a gadget loved on campsites.

When having fun you need to keep your head, that is why apart from creative attractions, Leszek prepared zones related to ecology and attractions that referred to conscious drinking. In the Check Your BAC zone every festivalgoer could learn about responsible alcohol consumption and check his or her blood alcohol concentration using a professional breathalyzer, both during the festival and before setting out on the way home. Additionally, the zone also offered activations depicting how one’s organism behaves after consuming alcohol – by using alco-goggles on a reflex meter or in a labyrinth. The zone was very popular – over 61,000 sobriety checks were performed, over 16,000 activations were performed, and 30,000 car stickers with safety-related slogans were distributed.

Huge interest was also evoked by the Eco Zone where Leszek, traditionally, encouraged music lovers to keep the area of the festival and the campsite clean. Electric scooters were waiting for those who were the most involved in the action Who will keep the place clean. The data after the action surprised everyone: top performers, in a single attempt, were capable of delivering 119 kg of aluminum cans or 160 kg of plastic cups to the zone. In total festival participants collected over 1.5 tons of aluminum and 1.1 tons of plastic! 

Leszek is present wherever there is good music and positive emotions, that’s why he’s already starting preparations for next summer!