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Alkohol. Tylko dla pełnoletnich
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Sustainability development

As a socially responsible company, we take good care of people and our environment. We get involved in voluntary work, support the development of our employees and business partners, promote responsible alcohol consumption and sales, save water and energy by executing our sustainable development strategy.

READ OUR 2019 Sustainability REPORT

Sustainable Development Strategy

Sustainable Development (SD) is defined as a process designed to meet the development objectives of today’s generation, but in a way which will enable future generations to meet the same objectives.

The history of our commitment to social and environmental issues is as long as Kompania Piwowarska’s business, although, naturally, the scope and form of this commitment have evolved over the years. This is the result of changes taking place in the world of politics, local communities and, finally, in attitudes of consumers. In the past, they were mainly interested in good quality products and services, but today they also expect companies to take responsibility for the environment and the society in which businesses operate. For years Kompania Piwowarska has been following the concept of sustainable development, which defines the way we conduct our business, manage processes, manage raw materials, shape our value chain and relations with stakeholders. At the heart of our sustainability strategy is the conviction that the development of KP will benefit not only ourselves but also our business partners, the environment, and local communities. Our Sustainable Development strategy encompasses several priority areas in which we have set ourselves measurable targets. Progress in their implementation is published annually in the CSR report available at here

The strategy we pursued in previous years called “Prosper”, was in 2018 changed by Kompania Piwowarska’s Management Board in order to better respond to the voices of our stakeholders and UN sustainable development goals – we want to meet the challenges posed to our company by the constantly changing reality and adapt our strategy to the directions set out in Asahi Group Holdings’ global strategy. In 2019, Asahi Breweries Europe Group, which we are part of, is working on the creation of a new sustainability strategy for ABEG.

Presently, our company’s modified strategy consists of three pillars covering broadly understood beer related product and health issues, the company’s relationships with employees and the communities in which it operates, and the company’s impact on the environment.

Products and health - Role of beerProducts and health - Role of beer

  • Responsible consumption.
  • Development of non-alcoholic products

People and society People and society

  • Human rights
  • Health and Safety
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Social engagement

Natural environmentNatural environment

  • Water consumption
  • CO2 emissions
  • Recycling

About the programme

“Kompania of Volunteers” is a corporate volunteering programme that was created thanks to and for volunteers who care about their local communities. For years, our employees have been actively supporting institutions and non-governmental organisations, and they do so with energy, openness, and, above all, out of the goodness of their hearts. They share their time, skills, and knowledge, while Kompania Piwowarska allows them to engage in social activities also at work, providing financial and organisational support.

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Who we help

The support we provide within the Kompania of Volunteers programme is in line with our sustainable development strategy “Bet on Beer” and aimed at adults only.

Since 2016, we have been proudly supporting the WIOSNA Association within the Noble Box programme. Kompania Piwowarska co-funds preparation of the packages and helps deliver them to warehouses and families in need. Each of the two first editions of the programme has engaged about 1,300 of our employees, thus the Noble Box turned out to be the greatest volunteering programme in the history of our company, and we keep pushing it forward every year.

Sustainability Report

Today, we think about the future.

Today, we think about the future – that’s the title of our latest sustainable development report, which we publish on this website. 2019 was a year of crucial changes across our company, which will have a great impact both on us and our surroundings. The most important change was our decision to make our breweries switch to 100% renewable electricity generated by wind farms. This report also includes detailed information on our approach to consumption of water, recycling, the environment, and respecting our employees and the communities we operate within. As the title indicates, one of our main focuses is the future, which is discussed by prominent Polish experts in the field of sustainable development. We asked them about the challenges Poland’s beer sector will have to face and the actions we should take. Therefore, the report constitutes not only a summary of our activity, but also an attempt to evaluate how Kompania Piwowarska is already dealing with future challenges. Are we doing it right? Check out yourself – read our report.

READ OUR 2019 Sustainability REPORT

Our strategy is in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Kompania Piwowarska executes activities that contribute to achieving thirteen Sustainable Development Goals set out by the United Nations.

What can you learn from our annual sustainable development reports?

  • How we look after health, quality of life and education of KP’s employees
  • That equality is the basis of our organization’s operations
  • How much energy we consume, how much of it is renewable and how we do our best to save water
  • How many jobs and resources KP’s beer provides in the public finance sector
  • How we take care of cities, their residents and animals
  • Why and how we promote responsible and moderate consumption of alcohol

Check out:

  • Sustainable Development Strategy

  • Kompania of Volunteers

  • Ethics


Our principles

Kompania Piwowarska strives to maintain high ethical standards. We are consistently building our reputation through a broad approach to our social responsibility and the rules of honesty and reliability in dealing with our suppliers and customers. It is crucial for us that the ethical standards set out in our Code of Ethics are observed.

Here are the key principles arising from our Code of Ethics:

  • honesty and openness
  • responsibility
  • fairness
  • mutual respect and preservation of dignity

The Ethics Committee

We are a company that maintains high ethical standards not only within the company itself, but also in the entire supply chain. We believe that ethical behaviour, acting in good faith and expressing openness and honesty are fundamental to successful business activity.

In order to support and promote ethical behaviour more effectively, we established the Ethics Committee in August 2012. It comprises members of KP’s top management, while its work is supervised by an independent, external Chairman.

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Report ethics violations

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